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— Joseph Rosen


Mizz Lowe and Bobby Rush

Bobby Rush and Mizz Lowe – Bobby Rush is a Blues survivor. He is a major player on the southern Soul Blues circuit and has recorded prolifically, scoring national and regional hits. He is also a multiple Blues Music Award winner. His style mixes Blues, Funk and Soul. His energetic shows usually feature female dancers and good-natured, bawdy humor.

In recent years the show has featured, Loretta Harris aka Mizz Lowe as the character she plays, the ‘Young Hen.” I love the little kid in the lower right of this photo.







Bobby Rush and Mizz Lowe, Pocono Blues Festival, Blakeslee, PA, July 2008
© ’08 Joseph Rosen


Millie Jackson

Millie Jackson, Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise, January 2006. © Joseph Rosen


Ms. Jackson has been a star of the R&B and Southern Soul circuit since the early 70’s, with many national hits. Her vocal performances are often distinguished by long, humorous, and explicit spoken sections, which she started doing on stage to get the attention of the audience.

She has also recorded songs in a disco or dance music style and even some country styled songs. Jackson had her own radio show in Dallas, Texas for 13 years in afternoon drive-time slot.