Laura Carbone

Why do I love photographing women in the blues… Because women are always beautiful!

— Laura Carbone

Laura Carbone is a practicing physician with a long standing passion in photography. She was schooled in New York and Chicago where great live music, especially Blues, had a profound influence on her. Taking photographs as a pastime has moved into the professional realm of photographs being chosen for album covers, the US post office, artists’ websites and national magazines. The focus is on the beauty and joy within the performer.





Laura Carbone - alexis suter

Alexis P. Suter

Tampa Bay Blues Festival, Palladium Theater, Tampa Bay, Florida – January 2013 © Laura Carbone

Alexis has a baritone voice and a soul that shakes you and the building from the foundation out. This shot was not altered, behind her is the red curtain of the Palladium and she is feeling the music move through her. One of the most powerful singers in the blues today.

Dawn Tyler Watson

Mont Tremblant  International Blues Festival, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2016 © Laura Carbone


Diuna Greenleaf

Trois Rivieres International Blues Festival, Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada 2019 © Laura Carbone


Grace Potter - Photo Laura Carbone

Grace Potter

Grand Point North Festival, Burlington, Vermont –  September 2014 © Laura Carbone

Although also considered a rock goddess, Grace Potter can wail on the B3, shred a guitar and sing the blues powerfully, this photo shows Grace in flight like a winged angel on the stage.


Laura Carbone - irma thomas

Irma Thomas

New Orleans Jazz Festival, Gospel Tent, New Orleans, Lousiana – 2014 © Laura Carbone

Irma is crowned the Soul Queen of New Orleans but reign’s over her roots in the Gospel tent.


Laura Carbone - Mavis Staples

Mavis Staples

Burlington, Vermont, June 2015 © Laura Carbone

Mavis Staples is more than just a gospel/soul/blues singer, she is part of the history of America, civil rights and songs of freedom and joy. She changed the face of America and this photo shows the power that is within her song.


Laura Carbone - ruthie foster

Ruthie Foster

Vermont Blues Festival – August 2012 © Laura Carbone

Ruthie Foster is a Texas born, three time Grammy-nominated blues artist who can bring people to joy or tears with the purity of her voice. She is the recipient of the 2016 Koko Taylor Award (Traditional Blues Female) at the Blues Music Awards. This photograph shows Ruthie’s most beautiful curve, her smile.


Laura Carbone - susan tedeschi

Susan Tedeschi

Rhythm & Blues Cruise – January 2013 © Laura Carbone

Susan playing her star studded guitar of heroes and bringing blues to a wide audience with a supergroup collaboration with her husband, Derek Trucks.


Laura Carbone - teeny tucker

Teeny Tucker

Pennsylvania Blues Festival, Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania, 2012 © Laura Carbone

Teeny Tucker was born into blues royalty, as the daughter of Tommy “Hi-Heel Sneakers” Tucker, but stands tall on her own as one of the finest blues singers in the country.


Tierinii Jackson

Blues Music Awards Memphis,TN 2018 © Laura Carbone


Tikyra Khamiir Jackson

Plattsburgh Blues Festival – Plattsburgh, PA 2019 © Laura Carbone