Marcey Abramovitz

Marcey Abramovitz

Marcey is Associate Curator of Women of the Blues: A Coast-to-Coast Collection.

©Ian Mclaren Photography


Ella Jenkins & Lynn Orman Weiss

This past summer (2016) Ella Jenkins received the Chicago Music Awards Lifetime

Achievement honor; this photo was taken on the day Lynn and I went to visit Ella to present her

with the award. What a tremendous experience and privilege it was to capture these moments.

The memories rising from Ella’s gaze were palpable as she admired this recognition of her

seventy-plus-year accomplished career in music.

Lynn has known Ella for over twenty-five years, as her publicist and as a dear friend; Ella is also

godmother to Lynn’s children. Their relationship is a very special one, and for me this image

really embodies this connection, one of love, admiration, and mutual respect.