Steven I. Wolf

In 1981 my office was across the street from Doc Pelligrino’s doctor office. Doc introduced me to the blues at his Kingston Mines, then located on Clark (now Rock ‘N Roll McDonalds). Following a full night of blues, on several occasions after close, Doc would take me to breakfast at The Oak Tree and talk about the blues. I was hooked.

I always had an affection for female artists. Barbara LeShoure was a favorite from my early Kingston Mines experiences. My love and appreciation for Women in the Blues grew from there. Fifteen years later Barbara hosted my birthday jam at Kevon Smith’s 1015 N. Halsted studio.

I was the still photographer on Scorsese’s “THE BLUES: Godfathers & Sons” which included a 30-year celebration of Alligator Records at Koko Taylor’s Celebrity Lounge. The Queen herself was joined on her own stage by Lonnie Brooks. Several months later while I was visiting with Bruce Iglauer, Koko stopped through the Alligator office. I was able to share my images from that special night of filming with Koko and her daughter Cookie. They had just closed the club.

I am the CD cover photographer for “Peaches Staten: Live At Legends” and my image of Nellie “Tiger” Travis was her Blues Blast Magazine cover photo. My ChigoLoft YouTube Channel has video slideshows of many blues greats, including some of those who are no longer with us. Many of these videos are set to soundtrack from Larry McCray’s “Believe It” a recording I executive produced.

— Steven I Wolf


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Joanna Connor

Steven Wolf - Joanna Connor

Private home of Joanna Connor, Chicago, Illinois, ­ March 28, 2015  © Steven I Wolf

“Joanna Connor was born in Brooklyn, raised in Worcester, Massachusetts and in October 1985, at 23, she followed her desire to move to Chicago to watch and learn from the blues artists she so loved. She began playing around town and gaining the support and encouragement of such icons as Magic Slim, Buddy Guy and Junior Wells. Joanna Connor soon began playing at Kingston Mines with Dion Payton’s 43rd Street Blues Band as a regular member of his house band that also held residence at the Checkerboard. It was evident how Joanna had some mad wicked guitar skills. Doc gave her her own regular Kingston Mines Tuesday night slot. Her 1989 debut on Blind Pig Records started her festival, nationwide and 32 global tours (1990­1999) to audiences of appreciative fans of her intense talent. She became the first American artist to tour Taiwan, and in 1990, she was the first independent artist to receive an endorsement from Gibson Guitars.” -Wikipedia

“I was called upon to stop by Joanna’s home and take some test shots for her new endorsement with Supro Amps. This image in front of a plain white sheer curtain, back­lit by God, with the essence and glow of her talent shining brightly, produced magnificent results.” ­ Steven I. Wolf