Live from the Heartland Show

Put three blues women around mics, and here is the result: Fun, fun, fun!

This past Saturday, June 4, the Live from the Heartland show, on WLUW, 88.7 FM in Chicago, invited Liz Mandeville, guitar, Ellen Miller, harmonica, and Holle Thee Maxwell vocals. They all gave an energetic and exciting talk about themselves and the blues, closing with “Sweet Home Chicago.”

Before that, Dr. Janice Monti, of Dominican University, talked about women in the blues, and Peter Hurley, photographer, art curator, and muralist about blues photography. He is one of the photographers featured in the “Women of the Blues: A Coast-to-Coast Collection” exhibit,

Lynn Orman Weiss shot a video showing the fun:

You can also listen to the whole show by following this link (scroll down to the June 4 show):

Live from the Heartland

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